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0-32 Sugar 0-140 Fruit Wine 0-27 Baume High-Precision Scale Display Refractometer Detector Refractometer

Features: * Equipped with scale measurement that provides direct reading * Approved by strict quality and safety standards * Durable

DR701 0-25% Digital Coffee Refractometer Concentration

Switch on: press the “read” button for only 1 second. Scale conversion: press the “scale” key for 1 second to

DBS-50 Digital Display Combined Refractometer Salinity Test Smooth Meter

Features: Minimum sample volume: 2 metric drops Light Source: Yellow LED Sample cell: stainless steel ring and flint glass prism

SW-593 Digital Refractometer Brix LCD Sugar Meter for Fruit Wine Beer Alcohol Sugar Concentration Tester

Feature: Widely used in various fields The refractometer measures sugar concentrations in fruits, beverages and vegetables and can be used

58-90% Brix Hand-held Moisture Refractometer Honey

Brix and Baume Refractometer. It can test sugar content (range up to 90% Brix), Baume and Water concentration. It is

0~10% Hand-held Refractometer Brix Tester with ATC for Sugar Water Content Measurement Brix Scale Range

Brix Refractometer (brixmeter) has a scale in range of 0~10% Bx with 0.1% reading resolution and well designed for field

0~32% Brix Refractometer Optical Sugar Food Beverages ATC Content Meter Tool

Refractometer produces different refractive indexes in the liquid with different concentration,this is the design principle of the product. Refractometer is

DR201 Digital Salinity Digital Refractometer Meter with BRIX/TDS Dual Scale Display for the Food

Press key “READ” 1 second only.“S01” is for Brix %, this also can test all liquid with sugar such as

Portable Sugar Glucose Tester Refractometer Meter

Brand Name: Generic Model Number: OTGEN00001BLK-0003809 Power: Electronic Usage: Sugar Glucose Tester Product name: Portable Sugar Glucose Tester Refractometer Meter