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DR201 Digital Salinity Digital Refractometer Meter with BRIX/TDS Dual Scale Display for the Food

Press key “READ” 1 second only.“S01” is for Brix %, this also can test all liquid with sugar such as

Shore A Digital Hardness Meter Tester Durometer 0~100HA Dial Scale Plastic Rubber Tire Tyre

With clear LCD display for easy to read Compact pocket size to take along On/off switch: power on and off

Current Clamp Meter Multimeter HT200B Mini Ampere Metric Transistor Tester Digital Ammeter

FEATURES: 1. The 25mm caliber digital clamp meter makes wire maintenance and circuit inspection more convenient and fast. 2. The
Items available:1000

DR701 0-25% Digital Coffee Refractometer Concentration

Switch on: press the “read” button for only 1 second. Scale conversion: press the “scale” key for 1 second to

DT830B AC/DC LCD Digital Multimeter for Ammeter Voltmeter Resistance

Features: 3 1/2 figures, 7 segments, 0.5 “high LCD display. Max display: 1999, automatic display polarity. Small and compact design.

TK100G Digital LCD Grain Moisture Tester Food

TK100G grain powder moisture meter is the first high-performance, digital moisture measuring instrument introduced by our company. The instrument adopts the

Digital USB Power Voltage Current Meter Tester

Features: This product can measure voltage on USB powered devices, empty load, the voltage and current of USB terminal equipment

Digital Vibration Meter Tester Vibrometer Analyzer Acceleration Velocity Gauge

Visually display measurement value and state Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement measurement Different vibration frequency selection High sensitivity probe for accurate measurement Provide long and short probe head, each one is

LCD Pocket Smart Anemometer Air Wind Speed Scale Meter Measure Velocity GM816A

‘- Measuring air velocity and temperature at the same time. – It can be used not only in gas but

Electronic Anemometer Digital Wind Marine Anemometer GM816

Measure wind speed and temperature simultaneously. Portable and Large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight. Wind speed in Beaufort wind scale