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Response Rate

81.3% of buyers who contacted our customer service/chat received a response within 24 hours.

Average Response Time (7 days)

Our company’s average response time of received inquiries is within 33 hours or less.

Quotation Performance

We have sent 15 quotes to buyers in average of 1 month.

Ratings & Reviews

AceFog 10 heads ultrasonic mist maker fogger
We like this product. Supplier is very nice and quick in respond and delivery time. We will order more from this supplier
04 Jun 2018
A**************i / Switzerland

AceFog 10 heads ultrasonic mist maker fogger

We were very satisfied with the communication. The first sample arrived very quickly. and the quality of the product was better than we expected. We will proceed very soon with larger orders from this trustfull supplier.

22 May 2018

A**************i / Switzerland
100 holes 00# Capsule Holder plate
Product quality was very good
07 Jul  2018
A*******e / Pakistan
Digital Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Meter GM320
Top Seller, will be our supplier for this product.
26 Jun 2018
R*************o / Portugal

Earthquake Detector Alarm

le produit et conforme
25 Jun  2018
m*****************a / France Metropolitan

Water Purifier Filter Sprinkler Head Presser Rollers Handheld Children Bathing Single Shower Head

не доставляет во время, обещают 5-6 дней а так товар придет через месяц
25 Jun 2018
A***********v / Kazakhstan

Digital Tachometer Speedometer


All OK
03 May 2018
T*********k / Germany

Alkaline Active Hydrogen Water Stick

03 May 2018

T*********k / Germany

Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge Meter

03 May 2018

T*********k / Germany

Original 12V Car Battery Tester Micro-200 High Battery Capacity Tester for Gel Flood

Seller is very friendly, quality is also good.
16 Apr 2018
G**********m / South Korea

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